Escort iX Long Range Radar Laser Detector, Black

  • The Escort iX is an intelligent, high performing long rang radar laser detector that possesses early warning and fast response on all radar bands. These radar bands include conventional and instant-on X-band, K-band, SuperWide Ka-band and POP mode
  • The Escort iX has superior sensitivity on all conventional and instant-on radar bands plus maximum laser range and off-axis coverage. Cruise Alert: 20 – 160 mph. Over Speed: 20 – 160 mph
  • ESCORT’s standard DSP technology and multiple laser sensors provide earliest warning of speed-monitoring threats.
  • The proprietary anti-falsing design uses the power of GPS to learn and automatically reject fixed position false alarms.
  • It’s sophisticated system automatically reduces false alerts from moving In-Vehicle Technology sources such as collision avoidance systems.