Alead Nolan TRX HD Pro Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Audio Transmitter and Receiver (A2DP), long range, optical, HDMI, aux audio. D/A audio converter, HDMI audio extractor, For TV, home theater, headphone

  • Long range, low latency, clarity sound, HD digital audio optical (Toslink), HDMI, aux audio interface and multiple links. Dual functions stereo music/audio transmitter or receiver to transmit or receive music wirelessly between TV, home theater systems, Amazon Fire TV, Echo Dot, Apple TV, blu-ray player, cable/sat box, iPads, iPhones, Galaxy, Android, MP3, Bluetooth headphones, speakers, soundbars and audio receivers via A2DP profile
  • HDMI, HDMI (ARC), optical (Toslink) digital audio and aux audio interface provided the HD sound quality. HDMI audio extraction, digital/analog audio converting, audio pass through and HDMI A/V pass through provides additional audio and video output to other devices.
  • Multi links connects two Bluetooth devices at the same time to enjoy music sharing with multiple devices. Advance touch sensor control providing user friendly operation by finger touch. Long range RF up to 50 meters (165 feet) to cover most of your house and backyard area with HD, audio reception.
  • Auto Bluetooth reconnection. Visual working mode LED light indicators. Low latency audio delay to minimize lip-sync and audio lag.* Users can use two TRX HD Pro to have a completed transmitter and receiver set with low latency solution. Bluetooth 2.4G Hz RF, with direct DC power supply
  • Note 1: TRX HD Pro extract digital PCM stereo audio signal from HDMI input. It does not support DTS, Dolby Digital, 5.1 and beyond. Note 2: It has audio delayed because of Bluetooth technology. Alead Bluetooth receivers (RX) or 2 sets of TRX_HD Pro with low latency can resolve audio delay for your speaker/receiver
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